"a combination of dream-like R&B and drifty electronic textures without ever lacking for propulsion.”




MY MIDNIGHT HEART is a sonic exploration of constantly shifting landscapes. Through her music, Puerto Rican/American songwriter Angélica Allen describes her dreams and nightmares with haunting realism. Her vocals—which are at once soulful and feather-light, have drawn comparisons to early Mariah Carey, Tori Amos, and Kate Bush. 

My Midnight Heart was crafted during 2010 as Angélica toured with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Previously writing primarily on acoustic guitar and piano, she was relegated to working on music quietly in the back of the tour bus as they traveled through Europe and America. “I didn’t have the same sonic space to clang out chords on a guitar, so production started to become more and more important to me. I wrote and recorded whispering into my iPad during TSO and eventually threw the demos into Logic when I got home a few months later.” Those songs eventually became My Midnight Heart’s critically-acclaimed debut EP “Chest of Hearts” in 2013. Her music, once massively guitar-driven and strongly influenced by PJ Harvey’s “Rid of Me” and The Kills’ “No Wow”, was now defined by its echoing pianos, dreamy synths, and lush, choral harmonies. 

The newest releases—“Drown” and “Break”— took inspiration from female artists Maya Deren, Frida Kahlo, and Kay Sage, among others. These short EPs delve even deeper into Angélica’s psyche as she describes the dissolution of past relationships through a surrealist lens. The lyrics and organic arrangements ebb and flow through light and darkness as she searches for resolution. 

My Midnight Heart has shared stages with Solange, Blood Orange, and Nick Waterhouse—among others, and recently finished a leg of the “Let’s Make Things Physical” tour opening for Tegan and Sara. In addition to My Midnight Heart, Angélica also sings with the Nu-Disco Supergroup ESCORT, and fronts the Future Funk project La-Bás.